For Designers: Building a Website Without Code.

Designers. Adobe Muse. Get on it.

There are many designers who want to start building websites, but don’t know any code and don’t want to collaborate with a developer. There are many online drag and drop website builders available. The issue with almost all of them is that you do not have complete design freedom. They have many design limitations that can only be changed within the code. Muse allows you to design websites, just as you would in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, and then export the design as a website. The photo below is a screenshot of the Adobe Muse interface.



Some features available in Muse:

– Parallax scrolling effects

– Contact forms

– Design for desktop, table and mobile

– Blog

– Slideshows

– Light boxes

– eCommerce features

– SEO friendly


To get to know more about what you can create, take a look at these 5 websites, all built with Muse.

1. Amy Eng


2. The Incubator


3. Yougurberry


4. Link & Abby


5. Willow’s Park Grocery


So damn easy!

If you already have skills in Illustrator and Photoshop, getting started with Muse is simple. Here are links to tutorials for Muse, that help you get to know the features and interface.

– Adobe Tutorials

– YouTube Tutorials


CMS (Content Management System) for Adobe Muse websites.

If you host the website with Adobe Business Catalyst, you get a full CMS. This allows you to edit pages and content, managing the website online. If you don’t host with Business Catalyst, you only get a very basic CMS online.


Limitations of Adobe Muse to keep in mind:

– Only a basic CMS is available if you’re not hosting the website with Adobe Business Catalyst. This basic CMS, I would not give to a client. So if your client wants to host else where, you should find an alternative to Muse.

– The exported code is very messy. If you need a feature added to the website that isn’t available on Muse, it’s a pain. The programmer will find it frustrating and time consuming to edit the code. (Like finding a needle in a hay stack)


Adobe Muse is the bomb. Would highly recommend trying it out.



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