Just like any design industry, advertising has fashions. What was in last year, may not be the advertising trends of today. Here are some comparisons of how the same brands have dramatically changed their advertising styles & messages over time.

Oh the joys of creating your brand. Working out where you fit in the industry and what your unique selling proposition is. But what happens if later down the track you want to change your target market and foundations within your brand? Looking at confirmation bias, you wonder how easy it is for peoples’ perspective of your brand to change.

Parallax scrolling is a website technique used to create a unique experience for the viewer. As the audience scrolls down the site, objects on the page move around accordingly and create illusions of depth. This technique is a great way to tell your audience a story about your brand, or sell them a specific product, in an interactive environment. The viewer controls the movement of the page so they can explore the website at their own speed. A great parallax scrolling website will keep the viewer engaged and wanting to keep learning more about the brand or product. Here are a few examples of inspiring websites that are based around Parallax Scrolling.

As a Website Designer and Developer, I get asked by my clients what essentials they should have on their business website. So I’ve decided to write a list summarizing what businesses need to consider when creating or updating their site. A lot of time and money gets spent encouraging potential clients to visit your website. Unfortunately, if your site falls short and doesn’t generate many conversions, your efforts spent on marketing get wasted. You want to make sure that your website closes the deal and secures you a new customer. Don’t fear! If you’re looking to create a website for your business, upgrade your existing site or start an ecommerce store, implement these 10 strategies to give your company the best chance of website conversions.

Products need to stand out in today’s highly competitive market. One way of doing this is through eye-catching, beautiful package design. If your branding is well thought out and implemented, your products will be flying off the shelves. Here are 5 examples of creative tea package designs that no doubt grab their audience’s attention, gaining a massive edge over their competitors.

Designers. Adobe Muse. Get on it. There are many designers who want to start building websites, but don’t know any code and don’t want to collaborate with a developer. There are many online drag and drop website builders available. The issue with almost all of them is that you do not have complete design freedom. They have many design limitations that can only be changed within the code. Muse allows you to design websites, just as you would in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, and then export the design as a website.

When creating graphic design, it is important to pay attention to every small detail. For example, when making vehicle designs, the designer needs to consider the functionality of the vehicle. Whether it’s a window that slides open, a sliding door, or the unfortunate positioning of the word “School” on a school bus. Not paying attention to kerning (the space between letters in a word), or the placement of a poster or billboard, can be disastrous. Take a look at these 8 graphic design fails that could have been easily avoided.